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Lyon Shipping is an experienced team of Air Freight specialists delivering on your daily priorities for time, space, frequency, and cost, you have Lyon Shipping brand of Personal Service.

To identify your needs and understand your goals, we listen, learn, and build a tight partnership with you. Our conventional Air Freight solutions, as well as their customizable options, give your supply chain more flexibility.

Lyon's Logistics Air Freight professionals strive to earn your trust by taking extra precautions for your sensitive cargo or providing you with increased supply chain visibility through our online tracking solutions.


Sea Freight professionals match and offer flexible service options to your specific business objectives.


Our freight management professionals work hand-in-hand with you to gain a thorough understanding of your organization. With a thorough understanding of your supply chain needs, we use a variety of regular Sea Freight products and additional solutions to ensure the space allocation, timing, frequency, and pricing that best meet your needs.


Lyon Shipping Sea Freight specialists treat each shipment with the care and attention it demands, whether we need to reserve an enormous container or transfer your high-value item safely.


We have good road links to other GCC countries, allowing us to provide excellent road transport services to our clients. Our trucking fleet can help you with local deliveries both inside and outside the UAE.

It combines simple, conventional Road Freight commodities with various customized choices to obtain the best combination of lead time, capacity, frequency, and pricing. We can help you improve your freight procedures and get the most out of the money you spend on transportation by leveraging our partnerships, methodologies, and knowledge. We can offer open or closed trucks with temperature control devices for critical cargo. We frequently organize door-to-door, cross-border transportation.


Lyon Shipping's Freight consolidation is a one-of-a-kind service in which our professionals reduce total shipping costs while also boosting security for our customer's shipping requirements.


Lyon Shipping has decades of experience handling multiple shipments that are sent to different locations. These shipments will be bundled, consolidated on a single truck, and then shipped to their destinations. The process is not only beneficial to the shipper, but also to the customer or retailer to whom the products are being sent.


Lyon helps you bring supply chain optimization in 3PL by managing variability in your business by bringing consistency and efficiency in your dispatch operations. Reduced human dependencies lead to saving costs and increase customer satisfaction.


This is our aim to help our customers to increase their business with all possible Supply Chain management, by providing on-time & cost-effective solutions.


We are specialized into Relocation solutions. We mainly focus on Industrial inner packing, package design, custom wooden box making, vacuum packing, thermostatic packing, dangerous and delicate cargo packing, industrial metal barrier foil, vapor corrosion inhibitors packing.


The materials for packing are handled with great care and goes through a quality check. For inner packing, we use thermocol , airbags, shrink-wraps, bubble wraps, etc. Such cushioning materials are intended to protect the consignment from dangers like shock and abrasion.


We have excellent rates and service contracts with all major players like DHL, FEDEX andUPS. We share these benets and superb features with our customers to provide them with the best service, at all times. This service is in fact very handy, reliable and surprisingly cost-effective for a number of situations and scenarios.



We have a well-trained Customs Brokerage C & F team 24 hours accessible. We assign our customers a single point of contact (Always monitored by our supervisors through the internal mechanism) to ensure hassle-free end to end service with minimum exchanges..


When we move abroad or relocate to a new neighborhood, there are things that don’t fit in our new house. But they are so precious to us that parting from those things or selling them off is not a question. Instead of cramming your new place or asking your friends to take your stuff, you can use the storage facility of Lyon Movers. Our storage facilities are equipped with modern technology to keep your belongings safe and secure while you enjoy settling into your new space.